Statistical analysis of solid-state recycled aluminum alloy 2011 chips by hot extrusion

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Design and Production Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


The conventional recycling method of aluminum by remelting the scraps 
is causing environmental problems, material losses, and depletion of 
energy resources. This paper aims to present an eco-friendly recycling 
technique for the aluminum alloy AA2011. The chips obtained from 
the turning operation were collected, compacted into billets, and 
hot extruded. Experiments were planned according to the design of 
experiments (DOE) approach. The recycling process parameters were 
extrusion temperature and ratio. Regression analysis (RA) and analysis 
of variance (ANOVA) were conducted, and significant mathematical 
models were obtained. The adopted equations demonstrated the effect 
of the extrusion parameters on the ultimate tensile strength and the 
yield strength of the extruded aluminum. The results showed that the 
extrusion temperature and the extrusion ratio significantly influenced the 
tensile and yield strengths of the samples. An Optimization process was 
carried out to maximize the abovementioned mechanical properties of 
the extrudates. Metallographic analysis was also performed to study the 
bonding quality between the chips.


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