Comprehensive evaluation of emerging technologies of advanced driver assistance systems: An overview

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1 Automotive Engineering Department,Military Technical College

2 Military Technical College

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Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) add significant
improvements for road safety and the effectiveness of driving. Hence,
these systems grasp more attention in automotive industrial fields and
academic research. ADAS consist of diverse systems targeting multiple
purposes such as keeping drivers’ safety, convenient driving, traffic flow
facilitation, and vehicle performance enhancement. Consequently, this
diversity of ADAS with their different objectives causing complexity and
hence causes challenges for researchers who seek to understand these
systems and possess a comprehensive background about state-of-theart
ADAS emerging technologies. This paper introduces classifications
of ADAS according to different points of view and presents salient
examples of them which give a particular focus on providing scholars
and researchers with the necessary knowledge about these systems and
acquiring useful insights about their purposes, benefits, and impacts of
automotive modern technology which in turn pave the way for evolution
and implementation of modern driver assistance technologies.


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