Finite Element Analysis of a Single Point Incremental Forming of Foot Supports

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Production Engineering and Mechanical Design, Tanta University, Tanta 31527, Egypt

2 Department of Production Engineering and Mechanical Design, Tanta University Tanta 31527, Egypt

3 Materials Science and Engineering Program, Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology, 21934, Egypt


In this study, the incremental sheet-forming (ISF) process of foot supports was simulated using finite-element analysis (FEA). The study employed ABAQUS/Explicit finite-element software to study the characteristics of manufacturing such complicated shapes. Several simulation runs have been conducted to ensure the feasibility of the ISF approaches proposed in this work, whereas the numerical results have been confirmed by experimental tests. An error analysis of the thickness distribution was made to compare the theoretical, measured, and simulation results. The results revealed that the maximum thinning occurred at the wall of the foot support product. The comparison showed that the variation in simulated and experimental depth along the profile of the product base didn't exceed 8%. Furthermore, the vertical reaction force on the forming tool increases with forming depth until a specific maximum value and remains approximately constant until the onset of sheet cracking, then starts to decrease. Also, strain increased gradually and reached its maximum value at a depth of 25 mm. Energy consumption in deep drawing shows a reduction of 2.5 times that consumed in the ISF process for the same final depth.


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