A review on metasurface applications (Optical waveguides and Surface enhanced Raman) on optics-Surface plasmon view

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1 physics, military technical college, Egypt

2 Department of Engineering Physics, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt

3 Electronics, department, military technical college

4 electronics, department, military technical college


This paper deals with metasurface in different photonic applications. 
The main reason for our study is to show the great potential which 
metasurface has in applications within optical frequencies. A Significant 
part of this study focused on the history of metasurface and its different 
phenomenon specially the Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) phenomenon 
and its different applications. The basic theory of metasurface is 
introduced. The relation between metasurface and the SPP phenomenon 
is presented in this work. A comparison between different applications of 
the SPP phenomenon is investigated. A new approach and structures for 
metasurface in different applications such as Surface Enhanced Raman 
spectroscopy (SERS) and optical waveguides have been presented in 
this work. The connection between different applications and optics with 
the SPP phenomenon is presented. The physics of SPPs phenomenon 
and metasurface is represented briefly.


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