Design and implementation of embedded servo control system for a high maneuvering Ariel vehicle

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1 Guidance, MTC, Cairo, Egypt

2 MTC, Cairo, Egypt

3 Military Technical College

4 Director of Space Research Center at Military Technical College


This research demonstrates the procedure for servo control circuit 
implementation for the guided missile. Motivated by enhancing the 
performance of the guided missile servo system control circuit by 
using embedded systems and gaining the digital circuit advantages and, 
solving the problem of obsolete analog components. The proposed 
servo system includes four servo pistons for driving the missile canard. 
A high-resolution gear potentiometer is used as positionfeedback for 
the missile fin. The guidance command converted from the polar form 
to cartesian and delivered as input to the microcontroller PIC18f4431 
to control the pneumatic servo by generating corresponding pulse 
width modulation(PWM) to the driving circuit.In this regard System 
identification for the pneumatic servo system is carried out. In current 
work,a servo positioning system based on an embedded system was 
designed to achieve a deterministic time response and minimize the 
jitters around 155μs for accurate guidance and control operation. The 
accuracy of the controlled system was verified using servoAutomatic 
Test Equipment (ATE) and,the results show the enhancement in the 
platform performance based on digital implementation instead of the 
analog circuit


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